A Climbing Trip in Blue Mountains…

…would hardly be complete without good food and company. Though it was a short trip, it was a much needed break for both A & I, given that we have been rather swarmed by work in recent months.

I started rock climbing 8 years ago. It was what brought A into my life, it was and still is what shapes the person that I am. Though climbing has since taken on a more relaxed and leisure, rather than hardcore training slant for me, I still very much love the sport – how it celebrates the beauty of movement as well as the off-beat nooks of nature it often brings me to. (though I was relegated to spectator status mostly this trip cos even the 19’s in the blueies felt like 6Cs!)

On trips like these when the winds threaten to take me down steep cliffs and the views are spectacular, if you are willing to risk treacherous treks along obscure paths – I truly feel it is such a privilege to be a climber, for I would never have discovered such awe-inspiring places in nature otherwise. Just sitting among the trees in front of the massive walls, surrounded by the numerous beautiful lines and staring into the vast expanse of the valley below makes me  feel like the happiest speck of dust in this huge world.

The majestic walls of Porter’s Pass
Hairline 2000

Of course, a great trip must be capped off with excellent food and company. We had a blast climbing and catching up with old friends JW, Regina & Assad, and also got to know Nicholas much better – his infectious energy and unassuming innocence reminds me how we were like as climbers just starting out on natural walls. JW and Regina also brought us around Sydney on the 2 days that we were not at the blueies, the highlight would have to be the Sydney fish market! A dozen of fresh Bay Oysters for $15 and the cleanest tasting Salmon sashimi – nothing beats an afternoon out savoring such delicacies by the waters with gulls flying overhead. Looking forward to more holidays like this!

lobsters bigger than A’s forearms
fresh and creamy oysters

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