Tenant Hunting (update: tenant found!)


So A and I are going to be in Europe for the next couple of years (yay to adventure!) and yes, we are looking for a tenant for the house while we are away!


Truth be told, I’m a little hesitant as our home is newly renovated and we’ve only been here for awhile . Ever since I’ve moved here, I look forward to coming home everyday. Its where we chill over the weekends and a good run around the neighbourhood is always filled with lots of natural sights and sounds (think open seas, dogs running freely into the sunset and even horses neighing!). That said, I’d be happy if we could find potential tenants who would love and care for our home as much as we do. 


Since we do have quite a collection of display items and quirky furniture that we can’t bring with us, we are looking for tenants keen to live in a fully furnished HDB flat in Punggol.


So couples waiting for their BTO flats, singles looking to rent an entire home, anyone who would take good care of my place, let me (or A) know! If you’re a friend…we would gladly offer our home at “friendship price”. haha =P

More details:

*4-room HDB flat originally, but designed like a studio now, with an open-concept kitchen and 1 main bedroom.

*LRT station right at our doorstep / 10 min walk to punggol MRT station


26 thoughts on “Tenant Hunting (update: tenant found!)

  1. nice place you’ve got there. actually interested in finding out whos your interior designer! (besides yourself)

    1. Hi Dymphna, as this post was from last year, I have since found a tenant. Thank you for the interest in my home. Cheers.

  2. Hi, I know it has been quite some time ago, but do you still remember where you bought the table (wooden top, metal frames and rollers) as shown in the 3rd picture? Please let me know if you do! Thanks!

    1. hi kyc, it was from likethatone but they carry one-off items so they might not have a similar piece anymore. They might have pieces of similar style though if you are into vintage rustic furniture. good luck!

    1. Hi kit, they are from a lighting store in jalan besar but I can’t remember the name of the place. most lighting shops should have these black track lights though.

  3. Hi, very nice place you got here. Your feature wall in the living room, are they made of bricks or wallpaper?

  4. Hello 🙂 You are living the life I yearn for hehe
    Not sure if you check back this page, but if you do, do you mind sending me your floor plan and more pictures of your house? My email as entered. Love interior designing and am doing up my house soon, Hope to hear from you ~

  5. Hello! I’m an Interior Design Article Writing Intern at a start-up that sells designer lighting online. I recently wrote an article about statement lighting for homes low ceilings and I mentioned you in the article. (Woohoo!) If you want to check it out, here’s the link: http://www.screed.com.sg/8-unbelievable-ways-to-add-statement-lights-to-homes-with-low-ceilings/
    It’ll mean so much to me if you can have a look. 🙂 Great blog you have here. Amazing photos as well.

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