Spring colours in the Netherlands

You know Spring is here in the Netherlands when everyone starts lounging on grass patches in the parks, having beer picnics in the sunshine and playing catch with their dogs. The sidewalks of cafes are filled with people sitting in the sunshine and ice cream sundaes replace hot chocolate as the order of the day.

It has been averaging 18 degrees (25 degrees yesterday!) and the landscape is draped full of Springtime blooms emerging in technicolour. Even the occasional bouts of drizzle typical of Dutch weather could not dampen our spirits. April weekends are especially festive due to Easter celebrations and King’s Day, which accounts for the holiday mood everywhere in the country. A and I took advantage of the good weather to climb outdoors in Berdorf, Luxembourg for 2 weekends and also visited the Keukenhof gardens and its surrounding flower fields for the seasonal blooms.


Prior to our move here, I have seen spectacular photographs of the Dutch tulip fields all over the internet and longed to see them for myself. Now that I’ve finally witnessed this extraordinary sight, I can only say that the photos do no justice to the marvelous colours that are truly out of this world.


Keukenhof gardens open for about a month in Spring annually and thus, it can get extremely crowded. Even though we were there on a weekday, the entire place was packed full of tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the flowers in their full glory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the walk through the gardens as we were fortunately able to navigate deftly through the ebbing crowd into pockets of quiet spots. Other than numerous varieties of Tulips that the Netherlands is so famous for, there are exquisite nurseries of hydrangeas, dahlias, carnations, peonies, and even cherry blossoms, among many others.



The highlight of this visit for me however, was exploring the surrounding tulip fields. We brought our bicycles with us to witness the famed stretches of colourful flowers blanketing the bulb growing region (tulips grow from bulbs buried beneath the soil). It was SO BEAUTIFUL and leisurely just cycling among rows and rows of flowers, this is life in all its 3D grandeur. I seriously felt like I was in a world where magic butterfiles, unicorns and winged stallions would leap out at me any moment.




If you are ever near Amsterdam during April/May, a trip to the gardens and the flower fields is a must, I am still awestruck and stuck in the picture perfect moments.

*My photos are a little grainy as I regretfully left my Canon camera at home and took all these with my Samsung phone camera. This is a paradise for photographers due to the vibrant colours of the landscape and one should not miss it for the world. 


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