When I met you (New York City) in the Summer!

It is so nice to be back after 6 weeks away from the Netherlands! I spent the past 1.5 months in New York City and no, I am still not that city girl strutting down 5th avenue. I missed having open pastures, flowers at every corner and basically not having to dodge people rushing past me everywhere I go. That said, I did enjoy my brief affair with the city and found respite every now and then in Central Park or Hudson River Park. I also had a chance to catch up with a very dear friend for the entire month.

Of course, the main reason for my trip was to get my Yoga teacher certification. After weeks of intensive training, asana practice, anatomy, posture labs, practice teaching, daily homework, yoga readings and 3 exams – phew! –  I’m finally a 200-hr certified Yoga Teacher! It’s been a long time since I studied this hard but the huge sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile.

this was a beautiful afternoon in Central Park

Since I was in in yoga school daily, I hardly had much time to be a tourist in NYC. What I enjoyed most about the city was the culture and people, how vibrant it was and generally how ready New Yorkers were when it came to partying and having a good time.

My summer weekends were filled with picnics, parades, food fleas, tanning at the beach, island touring, amusement park rides and raves!

Enjoy the photographs!

Most lip smacking delicious cinnamon rolls I’ve had in my life. At the Standard Hotel.
So I HAD to try something from shake shack at least once. Portobello mushroom burger. I was slightly underwhelmed.
Electric Daisy Carnival. Huge rave fest with many renowned DJs and where I discovered that butt-cheeks revealing shorts were the fashion must-haves of the day. (not for me though!)
free rides at a rave? only in America.
You’ve never tasted lobster until you try the Lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster.
Gigantic billboards at Times Square. This place drives me crazy.
Sunset view of Manhattan from Jersey.
View from The Highline, an elevated garden built on the city’s old railway tracks. It was a nice walk interspersed by beautiful pieces of street art by New York’s trendsetting artists.
Coney Island Day!
Part of the Mermaid Parade procession included 2 busloads people dancing on the roofs. I love the colours of the buses!
NYC architecture. I was always very fascinated by the fire escape ladders.
Goodbye New York City, thank you for summer!

Next week, A and I are going on our much anticipated climbing road trip through Europe. Just us, our van, lots of gear, a well-stocked mobile pantry and 2 months of  driving, camping and exploring various crags. Switzerland’s Magicwood will be our first stop and after that…we’ll see where the van takes us! I love such adventures where there’s no planning involved. My summer in NYC may have ended but here, it has only just begun!


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